Provide small and medium size mining company’s access to professional quality, reliable and cost efficient services. A goal oriented service job with pragmatic approaches without compromising prevailing standards for scientific basis and technical responsibility.

The rising and rapid development of Indonesian mining industries in the last two and half decades or so has seen a growing number of small and medium size companies to enter into the mining business.

Mining is a capital intensive industry with high level of exposures to risks. Most mining entrepreneurs in Indonesia, especially smaller companies are having certain short comings in either capital or technical expertise to exploit the potential of their mining prospects.

PT. Bestindo Kwadratama was formed in early 2004 on the initiatives of a number of engineers as friends and former colleagues with long experience in the mining industry to give a place and a pool of talents to younger mining engineers to be involved in various mining projects under directions and supervision of their superior colleagues.

PT. Bestindo Kwadratama has since then grown to become a reputable mining consulting – services organization and a partner to small and medium size coal and mineral mining companies in the development and operation of various mining projects in various parts of Indonesia serving domestic and overseas companies.